Instructions for Presenters

There are three types of oral presentations. Please note that the times listed below are the total times and include your introduction and questions.

  • Plenary Lectures – 30 minutes (25+5)
  • Invited Lectures – 20 minutes (16+4)
  • Invited Communications – 10 minutes (8+2)

Speakers should upload their presentations onto the computer in the lecture room in which they will be speaking in the break before the beginning of their session. There will be volunteers there to assist. Speakers are discouraged from using their own laptops but if they would still like to do so, please bring the necessary cords and adaptors. Please note that switchers will NOT be available and therefore you will not be able to connect your laptop in advance (unless you are the first presenter in the session). The time required to do the changeover should be taken into consideration when planning your presentation time.

Poster presentations from P001 to P076 will be presented on Monday September 30 from 6:15–8:15pm. Poster presentations from P077 to P152 will be presented from 6:00–8:00pm on Tuesday October 1. Monday presenters, please place your poster on the applicable board before the opening ceremony commences and no later than the start of afternoon tea. Tuesday presenters please place your posters up before the start of the first session on Tuesday.

When placing your poster in the appropriate numbered board, please ensure it is presented in portrait (vertical) format. The size of the poster must not exceed A0 size, that is 841 mm (33.1 inches) in width by 1189 mm (46.8 inches) in height. Please use Velcro to fix your portrait (vertical) poster to the board. The Poster numbers are available in the Poster-Authors-Participants Book. Please do NOT move the poster board numbers without consultation with the registration desk. Poster tubes can be stored for you. However, PLEASE make sure that they are clearly labelled or have a unique identifier. Please remove your poster at the end of your poster session (8:00pm). Any posters not removed will be taken down and disposed of by the organisers.

A number of poster prizes will be awarded for the best poster presentations by students and postdocs presenting posters. To ensure your poster is judged appropriately, please place a coloured sticker on your poster board number.

  • Students: Place a green dot.
  • Postdocs: Place a red dot.

If you wish to be considered for a prize for your session, please place the dots on your poster number by:

  • 3.00pm on Monday September 30 for Poster Session 1.
  • 11:00am on Tuesday October 1 for Poster Session 2.

Posters will be judged on the content, presentation and clarity of the poster and on the understanding and communication of the presenting author. The judges will be members of the APATCC Board, conference committee members and distinguished invited speakers. Prizes will be presented during the Closing Ceremony on Thursday October 3. If you have any questions, please contact the Poster Prize coordinator, Professor Krishnan Raghavachari.